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Meeting for Worship

There are six places where Friends gather that together comprise New Brunswick Monthly Meeting. Follow each link below for more information:

Meeting for Worship for Business

Monthly Meeting is held six times per year in various locations. Contact the Clerk () for more information. When we gather for Monthly Meeting, we hold Meeting for Worship at 11:00, followed by a pot-luck lunch and a Meeting for Worship for Business. During Business meeting, we work to understand how we are led to witness in the world as Quakers, and make decisions on these matters. Typically we do practical things like take in new members, decide on holding events like weddings or funerals, and talk about particular challenges that face members or worship groups. We also make alliances with other groups in society, and regularly make representation to governments or other institutions on issues we believe are important. If you want to really learn about Quakers, then Monthly Meeting is a good place to be.