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Through this window we will try to give you a glimpse of what our community of religious worshippers is like. There are regular meetings for worship held in in Fredericton, the Saint John area, St. Andrews, and Sackville.

There is one worship group whose meetings span the Canada-US border between Woodstock and Houlton, Maine. Two other worship groups under the care of the New Brunswick Quaker Meeting do not gather in New Brunswick, but on Prince Edward Island, and the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. Our meetings are fairly small and for the most part take place in members’ homes. Meetings for Worship usually take place on Sunday and are followed by social time and refreshments. For more information, please contact the New Brunswick Quaker Meeting Clerk, or the contact person of the Meeting you would attend.

About Quakerism

Your First Time in a Quaker Meeting? If you’re thinking of attending one of our meetings and are wondering what it’s like and what to expect, you might find this useful.